Thyme is showing up in hair and skin care products for good reason. Just a few years ago, a study was done that showed one of Thyme’s ingredients affected neuron activity by boosting feelings of well being. And who doesn’t want to use a product that has good vibes in it? Yes, please.  

Thyme brings other benefits with it as well. It has an equalizing effect on oily skin that balances the natural ph-levels and promotes a natural glow. It also has light exfoliating properties that improves cell turn over and stimulates blood circulation. Another big benefit that products look to Thyme to deliver is its antiseptic and antibacterial properties that make it the perfect acne-fighting ingredient.  

Thyme also as vitamin C to help fight effects of pollution and free-radicals that age skin. And then there’s the smell. Thyme’s beautiful, herbaceous scent gives you an instant spa-like feel.  

So next time you see Thyme listed — think pure, positive vibes and indulge.