Let’s be real. With the amount of hand washing and rubbing and drying we are all participating in (gladly, mind you) our hands are feeling the effects and showing signs of dryness. Cue the moisturizer. But wait! Before you slather on the hydration, Is it safe to use moisturizers when you’re trying to keep hands clean? The answer, thankfully, is yes.  

Using a moisturizer after you wash is not only safe, it is a necessity to put moisture back into cracked skin. You can use our lush Body Butter for deeper hydration or one of our specialized Hand Creams to not only put back in essential moisture, but condition and nourish with naturally-derived ingredients that have an anti-aging, skin plumping effect.  

So sanitize, but make sure you use Hand Cream to moisturize. Instead of feeling hopelessly dry and irritated, your hands will feel loved, calm and happy and look that way too.