You have succulents on your desk, but pink cactus in your skin care?  It may not be the obvious choice when you think about skincare ingredients, but cactus extracts are quickly becoming a go-to ingredient for good reason.  Cactus extracts are flush with vitamins and hydrators, high levels of electrolytes and antioxidants to hydrate skin. Cactus extracts also have antibacterial properties and are rich in essential fatty acids that work to lock in moisture. Makes sense when you think about a cactus ability to retain moisture in the sun-soaked desert.      

Cactus beauty benefits include a major dose of vitamins. They’re full of vitamins A, D, E and K, antioxidants, fatty acids, omegas, amino acids and water. It not only helps draw moisture to skin, but improves the skin’s ability to retain it by strengthening the barrier function and  prevent loss of hydration. The vitamins E and K help soften and smooth skin texture while the fatty acids calm inflammation. The high level of help of antioxidants prevent UV and environmental damage that contributes to premature aging. The cactus may be a prickly plant, but it’s smooth as silk and rich with moisture when it comes to beauty benefits.