Our homes are an extension of ourselves and we should treat them as such. Clearing negative energy from your home, just like from your mind will have a  profound effect on your well being. Hey, nobody wants negative energy lurking in the corners of their home so if you want to clear energy either from an illness, a bad experience or just everyday stress, there are a few ways you can do it and bring the good vibes flowing in.  

Smudge. A popular Native American technique for removing bad energy is lighting sage, or Palo Santo wood, then blowing out the flame. The smoke of the burning sage or wood will cleanse the air and remove impurities.  You should always start at the front door and work around rooms in a clockwise direction. After smudging or as you are doing it, visualize good intentions for your home as the smoke fills every crevice.  

Burn incense. The fragrant smoke of Incense has long been a spiritual and meditative practice of clearing a space. It helps elevate energy and create a calm environment. It works best, if your home is free from clutter and undone projects. Sage, rose, lavender, frankincense and patchouli are among fragrances that are said to be specific for energy cleansing. 

Clear the clutter. Energy resides in objects — especially older objects, so when you hold on to unwanted “stuff” there is no room for new opportunities to come into your life. Only keep what brings you joy. If it doesn’t, pass it on. 

Use Crystals to absorb bad energy and promote good vibes. Black tourmaline is an inexpensive crystal that acts like a sponge to absorb negativity and offer protections. Be sure place them around electronics as well, because they tend to create chaotic energy in a home. Rose quartz replaces negative emotions and feelings with positive ones. Make sure you cleanse your crystals often to release the energy the absorb, either by placing them under running water or in salt water or outside under a full moon.  

Add houseplants for a dose of good vibes from nature. There are some plants that have a cleansing effect such as lavender, eucalyptus and white sage.  Set an entire plant in the house, or create small bouquets in fresh water for individual rooms. Add a Himalayan Salt Lamp to your space. Pink Himalayan salt lamps have gained in popularity because salt has cleansing properties. It is said to absorb impurities from the air. Make sure it’s a lamp made from salt obtained from deep underground in the mines of Khewra, Pakistan Khewra since it is the only place where true Himalayan pink salt is found.