The incredible changes in our lives, from the threat of illness to financial concerns and worry for loved ones takes a toll on your body and spirit. Repeating mantras can be a powerful tool to relieve the stress and give your body steadiness, quiet, reassurance and help benefit your immune system. Scientists have shown that repeating mantras, much like meditation, causes positive physical reactions in the body. They also focus the mind, provide counter narratives to fear and anxiety provoking thoughts and have a calming effect. And since it’s easy to do, costs you nothing and takes just two minutes a day — why not see how you can benefit from it?  

To begin, choose your mantra. What speaks to you? Do you want to let go of situations and thoughts that no longer serve you, view experiences and life as opportunity and growth, take back personal power or simply bring calm into your heart? Feel free to add or change the mantras to suit your needs.  

The power of mantras comes from the sound and vibration of your voice, so you’re going to want to repeat your mantras out loud.  Sit in a relaxed position and breathe. Take long, slow, belly filling breaths to calm your body and mind. After deep breathing for :45 seconds or so, hold your hands over your heart or palms facing up and begin to speak your mantra out loud.  Repeat it for at least one minute as you feel the flow and vibration of your words. With every mantra you utter, we hope you find peace and calm and wellness in your words.     

With every breath, I am at ease.  At this moment I have everything I need.  

I have control over how I feel, and I choose to feel at peace.

All experiences are helping me grow. I am open to the unfolding. 

I give myself permission to let go of what no longer serves me.

I am calm, cared for, and connected. I am loved.