You know we like to keep our formulas simple, clean and with just the essentials to make you feel good.  Well, it shouldn’t surprise you that we  like our recipes the same way.  Our Unfiltered Detox Green Juice recipe is a pared-down recipe that calls for just six ingredients to flood your body with nourishment, help heal your gut, boost your immune system and give your skin a healthy glow.  

Prepare all ingredients and add to juicer, drink up and glow! 

1 Sliced green apple, cored with skin on. 

1 Handful of washed parsley

2 Handfuls of washed spinach 

1 Lemon, rinsed, skinned. 

1” ginger, rinsed (no need to peel)    

The six-ingredient benefits:  

  1. Green Apples:  Help balance any bitterness from the greens and when juiced with the peel on, are a great source of vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium.  
  1. Parsley:  It’s an antioxidant powerhouse that is rich in vitamins and minerals like potassium, iron, magnesium, vitamin A, B, C, E and K.  Just a handful will give your juice the bright green color and fresh taste. 
  1. Spinach:  Spinach contains almost twice as much iron as other greens and is a mild, alkalizing,  vitamin and mineral packed powerhouse. 
  1. Lemon:  This is your immune boosting dose of vitamins C and B6.  Lemons are alkalizing that help your skin glow and help absorb iron found in the other greens. 
  2. Ginger: Along with lemon, Ginger is an immune boosting, powerful anti-inflammatory that aids in digestion and bloating.  It adds a little spice to your juice too, so go easy if you’re sensitive to spicy. 
  3. Cucumber:  The cucumber adds the water content and cooling effects of your juice. They aid in cell hydration, regulate body temperature and can help ease inflammation.  It also has a high silica content to help with skin problems plus is high in vitamin A, B complex, C and folic acid.