Finding inner peace in a time of great upheaval comes from intention.  We have to take time to go deeper into meditation and prayer to overcome the worries and concerns of this pandemic and habitual chatter in our heads.  The repetition of mantras is essential to replace the negative talk that  runs through our minds.  Mantras help open your heart and focus your energy on connecting to peace, light, abundance, vitality — whatever it is you need in your life.  

Where your attention goes, energy flows. So put your attention on manifesting inner peace by choosing a mantra that speaks to your heart, then repeat it throughout your day.  Any time another thought of worry or concern comes in, call up your mantra and continue to repeat it until your emotions are at peace and aligned with the thought.   

Choose your mantra. Repeat.  

I am love. I am light.   

I am connected to all that is good. I am connected to the source of all light and love. It lives within me and I receive all of its abundance.  

I am everything I desire. Everything I need is already mine.  I am whole and complete and content.  

Peace flows through me like a gentle river. Always moving in and flowing out to those around me. 

I am safe. I am content. I am healthy.  

I am grateful for this moment. For the clear, strong breath in my lungs, I am healthy and vibrant.